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Onlife Health

The group: Onlife Health is a data-driven health solutions company. Its engagement platform empowers more than 11 million people to take an active and ongoing role in their own health. It leverages sophisticated data analytics to engage users in meaningful programs and to understand population health.

The idea: Simplify and improve the quality and quantity of health behavior data collection by aggregating data from personal wearable devices and a mobile health app, augmented by user validation and supplemented with survey responses.

The mobile app was designed to collect and validate data from wearable devices and to collect survey responses on healthy behaviors. It collects data on factors such as nutrition, sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviors.

The project includes a series of short, just-in-time survey questions delivered via push notification to supplement mobile data sources. The system cross-validates the collected healthy behavior data from the mobile and survey data sets, as well as with information from the Behaviour Risk Factor Surveillance System.