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Onlife Health

The group: Onlife Health is a data-driven health solutions company. Its engagement platform empowers more than 11 million people to take an active and ongoing role in their own health and leverages sophisticated data analytics for understanding a population and engaging each of its members in meaningful programs.

The idea: The proposed project will collect data on nutrition, sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviours from fitness devices and mobile surveys. While fitness tracker data may not suffer from recall- or self-reporting bias, it can be incomplete, inconsistent or lack context. This project will address these limitations with a series of short, just-in-time survey questions delivered via push notification to supplement mobile data sources, then use statistical analyses to cross-validate the mobile and survey data sets with each other, as well as with survey data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, at the zip code or Federal Information Processing Standards code level. The methodology also will reduce the human resource burden of survey administration, improve response rates and also may permit larger-scale automated data collection without additional expense.