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RTI International

The group: RTI International is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit institute that provides objective research, development and technical services to government and private-sector clients. RTI’s Digital Health and Clinical Informatics Program conducts research on patient and clinician use of technology to improve individual and population health, self-management, and provider-based health care as part of health system transformation.

The idea: The method was designed to augment any mode of data collection, from interviewer-administered in-person or telephone surveys to self-administration online or via mobile device, with minimal disruption to these essential data collection activities.

The project demonstrates how the combination of self-generated data can enhance public health surveillance indicators to provide valid, measures of physical activity, sedentary behaviors and sleep.

The approach implements a three-step data collection process: screening, survey and data retrieval. Owners of Fitbit devices were invited to participate in the challenge. A service called Fitabase is used for data retrieval of the three measures.