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RTI International

The group: RTI International is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit institute that provides objective research, development and technical services to government and private-sector clients. RTI’s Digital Health and Clinical Informatics Program conducts research on patient and clinician use of technology to improve individual and population health, self-management, and provider-based health care as part of health system transformation.

The idea: This approach will demonstrate how the combination of self-generated data can enhance public health surveillance indicators to provide valid, high-fidelity measures of physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and sleep. The project will combine data extracted from recruited participants’ wearable devices, enabling a variety of individual- and cohort-level analyses not currently possible with Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System measures. These will range from descriptive statistics and temporal pattern recognition on the minute level to more complex, idiographic, multivariate assessments and modeling of physical activity, sedentary behaviors and sleep in the sampled population.