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Brave Technology Coop

Phase 1 Finalist

Brave is a tech cooperative based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We build digital tools to keep people alive when they use drugs alone. Brave is creating a digital platform where drug users can receive remote and anonymous support to prevent an accidental death from overdose anytime, anywhere.

The Submission

Very few people will call emergency services in case of an overdose. Brave Buttons facilitate peer, community, and emergency services involvement before, during and after a suspected overdose, saving lives and generating data about overdoses from previously unavailable sources.

The Impact

For this challenge, Brave chose the data sources we had proximity to, in this case, from our Buttons project. We are interested in how tech could provide a widening of safe(r) spaces for people to use drugs who are at risk of overdose. It is difficult to get data which shows vulnerability reduction because risk mitigation is a non-stat – an “un-happening.” Therefore, we are specifically interested in collecting data around the risk reduction which activating and educating community resources can have for people who use drugs.