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The group: The Ubiquitous Health Technology Lab (UbiLab) at the University of Waterloo designs, develops and evaluates technologies that can be used with minimal burden to the user, providing maximum reliability and an outstanding user experience. UbiLab’s mission is to leverage wearable, Internet of Things and mobile health technologies for population-level surveillance.

The idea: This project explores behavioural patterns to enable remote healthy behaviour monitoring using sensor data from smart-home technology. The platform helps the Public Health Agency of Canada understand individual- and population-level behaviours that provide real-time and granular information (30-minute level) regarding the PASS indicators of sleep, sedentary behaviour, and activity in the home. The proposed solution enables 24-hour data collection by leveraging real-world data from 10,251 smart thermostats.This information will help the agency generate real-time, population-level insights on Canadian health behaviours for these indicators.